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best balance between laboratory standard and usage in vibrational situations

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The partially supported detector is most used in industrial environments where a compromise between laboratory standard stability and usage in vibrational situations.

In this construction the wire is wound into a very small spiral and inserted into axial holes in a high purity alumina rod. A small quantity of glass adhesive is introduced into these holes which, after firing, firmly secures the parts of each turn onto the alumina.

This results in a detector in which the majority of the platinum wire is free to move, giving excellent long term stability, and which will withstand levels of vibration up to 30G without damage.

The operating temperature range covered is from -200C to 850C.

Higher temperature detectors operating up to 1000C with good stability are also available.

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PRTCalc As well as our standard sizes and stock types we can produce almost any type and size of platinum wire wound detector - please ask for details.


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